THE ART OF WAVES: GRAHAM EZZY“The Art of Waves”- Ho’okipa Windsurfing with Graham Ezzy

Often, windsurfing movies are a montage of quick cuts—all the best action moments jammed together. These surf-pornos are fun to watch but leave out a lot of what windsurfing is actually like. With traditional filming, a 4-minute movie consists of many days condensed down into their best moments, and you never see more that a few consecutive seconds at a time. This, of course, leaves out much of the actual experience. “The Art of Waves” is a single shot, which means it is a window into an uninterrupted 4 minutes at Ho’okipa. My narration is inspired by and is at times a paraphrase or even direct quotation of John Ruskin’s analysis of Turner’s painting, which touches on the concepts of the individual’s place in the infinite. Filmed by Paul Reis of @wavetraveller.
Via Graham Ezzy
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